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Welcome to the World Profit Club Network Marketing Alliance where even free members can make money!

Did you know?

Many companies on the internet claim to want to help you make money online, when in fact they use you to help them make money more than anything else. Such companies will tell you if you pay their high membership fees that everything they have is yours free. However, once you get in, you find out that they will charge you for everything they can, just to get more money.

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About World Profit Club

JacG's World Profit Club Alliance was created to solve that problem. We have no problem with other companies making money, but disagree with it being at the expense of their members. When you join us, depending on your membership level, you get everything that comes with that level at no additional charge over the cost of your membership! ...PLUS... you get anything we add to your level as time goes on (and we're adding things all the time) ALSO at no addtional charge! This is how it's supposed to be. Come join us and let us prove it!

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Membership Levels

  • Bronze (Free) Membership
    • Free Training
    • Free PUO PLR Products
    All memberships below are paid memberships, and receive varying amounts of free products and services in addition to free training. For instance, all below receive a free lead capture website, with (potentially free) domain name, free list and email management services, free hosting, free PLR products for resale, and that's not all.
  • Silver Membership
  • Gold Membership
  • Platinum Membership
  • Diamond (Lifetime) Membership

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Our Services

At WPCNMA™, we're all about helping you learn to become quickly successful and profitable in your own business.


Business Startup, Marketing, Advertising, Website Coding, Traffic Generation, Product Creation, and more ... all the training you need.


Resell products we already have and add to all the time or learn to create your own products from scratch or using our PLR content.

Monetized Niche Websites

Over 870 Pre-Built Websites in almost any niche you can think of, each with 20-30 pages, monetization, easy customization and more!

Free Capture, Squeeze, or Landing Page

All paid members receive a free capture page, squeeze page, or landing page, with free hosting for 1 year, and a free subdomain name.

Lots of Tools

SEO tools. Backlink software. Traffic tools. Chat, Filesharing, Screensharing, and Broadcasting software. Web Conferencing, and more!

Traffic and Guaranteed Signups

You'll get access to all of our great traffic sources plus traffic generation training. Drive traffic to your WPC page or any business.

The World Profit Club Network Marketing Alliance

Fighting the Evil Empires for Your Right to be Successful and Profitable in Your Online Business!

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We provide you with free training, free sellable content, and more. How much more totally depends on your chosen level of membership.

World Profit Club is Awesome!

I'm so glad I joined!
The Bronze level (Free) membership includes free training, but also includes a 25% residual commission for anyone I refer that becomes a paid member, and it's residual! Their paid membership levels are Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. The Diamond membership is a lifetime membership. That is to say, when you've paid your membership fee, you never have to pay again, and you get access to all benefits the other levels get, plus lots more!
WPC adds new training, products, services, etc. all the time and you don't have to pay for them! For paid memberships, there are hundreds of products you can promote and sell, and all are current (unlike competitors who try to push products on you that are 3 or more years old as if they're new)! There are even some products you can claim authorship of and/or rename into totally new products, making them uniquely yours. What's even better than that is the fact that they don't take ANY of the profit from your sales! You keep 100% of your profits from all sales! All they want is for you to be and stay a member.

I'm a Happy Paid Member!

They have so much to offer, it's hard to take it all in!

More About Us

There are over 100 website domains that are part of this project. Here are a few more of them...

None of our membership fees are out of your reach and there are both monthly and annual options. For the diamond membership there are 2 payment options: a one-time payment or 12 monthly payments, but remember... when that's paid you never have to pay again!

Finally, ...and this is probably one of the best things about a membership in WPCNMA™... referral commissions for paid membership levels start at 60% and go as high as 90%, too! There are special benefits also available to members that no competitor offers and which include free business document templates, free website templates, email marketing management options, discount legal services, discount healthcare services, ... even a way you may be able to claim 100% of your medical expenses as tax deductions! Yep... 100%!

Come on into The World Profit Club Network Marketing Alliance!
Become a valuable, successful, profitable part of
THE BEST organization of its kind in the world!

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Do you qualify for an HRA so you can deduct 100% of your medical expenses? Find out at worldprofit.solutions/HRA

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Find Out if You Qualify to Deduct 100% of Medical Expenses
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